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    Javascript Rhom API - changes on DB won't trigger PUT

    Ruben Ruben



      I've already used RhoConnect inside a Rhomobile ruby-based app, and as i've previously seen, calling sync after adding a new object to the local DB will trigger a PUT in the RhoConnect server towards my backend server.


      However, when using the Javascript API, when I do this I just see a GET, as if it was just checking for new objects in the backend server.

      If I open the local SQLite database with a SQLite manager after adding a new object, I will see the object in the table, but if I do:

           SELECT * FROM changed_values;

      i will get nothing.



      My model:


      var activity = Rho.ORM.addModel(function(model) {

          //Model settings:





          //Model definition:   

          model.property("date", "string");

          model.property("timeStart", "string");

          model.property("timeEnd", "string");

          model.property("duration", "string");

          model.property("description", "string");



      My angularJS insert method in my factory:


      insert: function (val) {

                      // Create a new RhoMobile database object.

                      var obj = activity.create(val);

                      // Add record to database table.

                      var hsh = this.hash(obj);



                      return hsh;




      Am I doing something wrong?