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    MRC.EXE API (MSP related)

    Bob Walker

      We use MSP for device management in the stores.  Part of MSP is mrc.exe which is the Motorola Remote Control client.


      We have need to utilize some of the functionality that the client provides us when we use the remote control client from the management console.


      Does anyone know of a published API that would allow us to talk to mrc.exe directly from our own custom application?


      Specifically what we are attempting to do is remotely launch an application with command parameters.  We can write our own client and drop on each device but it would be redundant considering that mrc.exe is there and already running.


      Motorola sent me to Kyrus who apparently is picking up MSP and Kyrus has sent me back to Motorola.


      If anyone has an official or unofficial document that they can share please let us know.