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    Incorrect license nag screen?

    Bart Fukkink



      After having recently upgraded from our 2.2 enviroment to 4.0 we are trying to get all our deployment targets up and running again. Only, when running on iOS we get the "Motorola license" popup every time we start the application, even tho we have a license and this screen was never shown before. After some further testing, we also have that screen on the win32 build of our application. Android builds do not have this popup.


      The Build.yml (removed some information that is not relevant):


      name: ""
      version: ""
      vendor: ""
      motorola_license: ""
      applog: "rholog.txt"
      # Prevents NullPointerException when creating run configuration. Fixed in next release (4.1?).
      bbver: 6.0
        configuration: "Release"
        sdk: "iphonesimulator7.0"
        BundleIdentifier: ""
        BundleURLScheme: ""
        emulatortarget: "ipad"
        android_title: 0
          certificate: ""
          password: ""
          alias: ""
        sdk: "Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional DTK (ARMV4I)"
          - motorola_browser
        - json
        - digest
        - digest-md5
        - uri
      # Not used, but beeded to prevent errors. https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/message/15076
        - rhoconnect-client
        - camera


      Is there anything changed why we now get this license popup?