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    Why are photos coming back at 640px

    David MacCrimmon



      I am using version 4.0 to take photographs on an iPhone using the javascript api. Code below:


      Rho.Camera.take_picture(function(params) {
        // Did we receive an image?
        if (params.status == "ok") {            
          // Handle new image
          var imgUrl = Rho.Application.expandDatabaseBlobFilePath(params.image_uri);
        }}, {
          format: "jpg"


      I've obviously removed the code that does the actual handling of the upload etc. But when uploaded the image that has been taken is always a square image of 640px x 640px. There are no changeable settings on the camera control when it comes up. My understanding from the docs is that omitting the desired_height and desired_width fields will force the camera to its maximum dimensions.


      Am I doing something wrong here as the photos I require are to be around 1024px x 768px.