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    Weinre + RhoMobile + AngularJS

    Ruben Ruben



      I'm developing a AngularJS-based app in RhoMobile, and since the RhoSimulator isn't working very fine on Windows, I'm trying to use Weinre to debug.


      I've got weinre running, and most of it features work, however, the web console wont ever output anything. Has anyone used Weinre with an AngularJS app? If so, did you experience the same issue?



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          Robert Galvin

          I have used Weinre successfully with Rho using the standard console.log JS, but sometimes I do see it flake out and lose connection. I have tried playing with Weinre timeout settings to improve usability. I have not tried using it in conjunction with Angular (I can't think of a reason why that would matter, but if you just build a simple app and inject your Weire script do you see console.log messages?


          Also make sure you have logging on in rhoconfig.txt


          # 0-trace, 1-info(app level), 2-warnings, 3-errors
          # 1 should be good enough for outputting console.log to Weinre JS console
          MinSeverity  = 1
          # enable copy log messages to standard output, useful for debugging
          LogToOutput = 1