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    rhoapi-module.js error while using rhom's updateAttributes()

    Ruben Ruben



      When trying to update an object on my new AngularJS app, I need to get the object first by doing a find so I can perform the updateAttributes operation.


      To do this, I defined inside my AngularJS factory for the Activity model, the following:


          update: function (id, val) {

            var obj = activity.find("first", {conditions: {"object": id}});

            if (obj) {

            // Update RhoMobile database object.




      But it seems that there is an error either during the find or the update, since It stops running things that are under the activity.find line. It's really hard to tell where the error exactly happens, since RhoSimulator is broken on my platform, but I do get to see this on the console:


            Result of expression 'cond['$is_a?']' [undefined] is not a function.


      Any ideas?