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    TC-55 scan event defaults back to camera after the first scan

    Otto Palminkoski


      I'm currently in process of 'porting' one of our software from MC75A0- (Windows Mobile) to work with the TC-55 (Android) -devices.

      The cross-platform support is working otherwise great but I'm having problems with the scanner-module. The scanner defaults back to the camera mode after the first scan.


      With MC75A0 the scanner is enabled with meta-tag: <META HTTP-Equiv="Scanner" content="Enabled" />


      For the TC-55 this would default to the camera, so I have modified it to <META HTTP-Equiv="Scanner" content="Enabled:2" />


      I've also tried to enable the desired scanner within the .js but to no avail. Same result; first scan is ok, the following launches the camera.

      I've read the API (http://docs.rhomobile.com/en/2.2.0/rhoelements/scanner) but didn't find any information should/can I pass the scanner #id with every scan event.


      Hardware: Motorola TC-55

      Software: RhoElements v2.2.1.13

      Our software: HTML5+CSS+jQuery (J2EE+Hibernate+Struts+Servlet with Tomcat app. server) implementation.


      Any ideas? Thanks,

      - Otto