Invoking barcodescanner from a Website on a T55

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im forced to not use RhoMobile or Android native applications. I simple need a button on a website with the function to activate the Barcodescanner on the device, guess trough JavaScript. Me and a colleague from the Webdepartment tried to use the rhoapi-modules.js that comes with RhoMobile Applications, but we bravely failed to use it, the API is easy to understand but all it does is ending up opening a JavaScript Prompt (see screenshot). Screenshot is made on a PC but the same error appears on the T55, the rhoapi-modules is build for Android, and the Browser on the T55 is allowed to use the Barcodescanner.


Also included the html we used.


Any Help or Examples ?


Greetings Mathias

Pietro Francesc...
Why don't you use DataWedge

Why don't you use DataWedge?

you cannot control it directly from JavaScript but you can still read barcodes and have the data sent to your web pages.

If you need to have more control, you can think about having an additional application invoked by a custom URI:

browser - How to implement my very own URI scheme on Android - Stack Overflow

However I'll try to stick to plain DataWedge before building such a thing.

BTW, no, you can't use rhoapi-modules.js outside of a RhoMobile app. However you can use a very simple WebAppContainer like:

pfmaggi/REHC · GitHub


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