MC9590 Conflict Between Barcode Scanning and Camera

I am using MC9590 with both barcode scanning and camera capability. 


Before, I used Barcode.Barcode object and could simply call EnableScanner on it to disable barcode scanning when I want to take a picture.  Something like this:


private Barcode.Barcode _barcode;

_barcode = new Barcode.Barcode();


if (_barcode != null){

   _barcode.EnableScanner = false;



This would make possible to use CameraCaptureDialog without crashing when I click Scan button (big yellow button) to take a picture.


Now, I am using Symbol.Barcode.Reader.  Like this:


Symbol.Barcode.Reader reader;

reader = new Symbol.Barcode.Reader();


But I notice that if I click on button that will call CameraCaptureDialog, it will crash my application if I call it more than once.  When I comment out barcode scannig functionality and do the same, the CameraCaptureDialog will work regardless how many times I call it.  So, it is definitelly conflict between these two, barcode scanning and camera functionality which are both triggered by the Scan button (big yellow button).


How do I disable barcode scanning so it does not conflict with picture taking?


Much appreciated,