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    SB1-apps.json remote file not being loaded/accessed

    Bob Walker

      I've looked over some of the other posts here concerning a remote apps.json file.


      I have modified the config.js in Userdrive/config.


      I've configured it to look at our server 'http://myServer:8080/SB1' for the apps.json file.  Also in the configuration I have it configured to access the default badge and both shortcut buttons.

      The default badge will display with no issues.  The shortcut images display a question mark like it could not find the files.  The application screen shows no applications configured.


      When I do a tcpdump between the server and device I do not see an attempt to access the apps.json file or the image files for the shortcuts.  I can see traffic for the default badge and its associated data files.


      The log file on the sb1 is showing me 'ERROR: FileTransfer CHttp::GetFile Failed to open the URL 155 2012-01-01 12:00:30'.  I'm assuming this is happening when the sb1 attempts to fetch the apps.json file.


      I have checked and double checked:  All url's, server file locations, server file permissions.  I have validated that the files can be reached from an external device.


      I obviously have a gap in my configuration somewhere.


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.