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    Ubuntu Install RhoConnect 3.x through apt-get

    Graham Downs

      Hi, there


      Is there a source I can add that will allow me to install legacy versions of the rhoconnect package on Ubuntu, using apt-get?


      Previously (before RhoConnect 4 was released), I used to be able to install RhoConnect 3.3.6 on Ubuntu by adding the following source to /etc/apt/sources.list:


      deb http://rhoconnect.s3.amazonaws.com/packages/deb rhoconnect main


      And then running:


      sudo apt-get update

      sudo apt-get install rhoconnect


      This would automatically install and configure nginx, thin, redis, and rhoconnect.


      Now that 4 has been released, this gets the latest version of RhoConnect. For testing purposes, though, I have to install RhoConnect 3.x (3.3.6 preferably, but 3.4.5 will do).