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    TC 55: DataWedge Output

    Sharjeel Ahmed

      Our application needs Scanner function at four different place. We have already implemented it and using Intent for output. We had to create four different profiles manually in DataWedge.


      Question 1) Is there any way to automate profile creating from within the application?


      Question 2) DataWedge shows another type of output "Keystroke Output". What's this and can we using it instead of Intent? We couldn't find anything about it in documentation.




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          Sharjeel, currently applications can not create DataWedge profiles.  This capability will be added within the next few months.  "Keystroke Output" as reported by DataWedge simply means that the keyboard was used for data entry instead of the Scanner or MSR.

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              Sharjeel Ahmed

              Thank you.


              It seems importing/exporting profiles is the best way to go here then.


              Or maybe put profile within apk and then on first run move to the profiles folder, if application has permission to right to the profile folder?

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                  Sharjeel, either option will work.

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                      Sharjeel Ahmed

                      I have another situation where I have to scan two different kinds of packages in the same Activity. One will go to list one and other will go to list two.


                      I plan to use Hardware button for one scan and Soft Trigger using button for other scan. However it's not possible to have two different Profiles for one Activity. So it's not possible to distinguish by looking at returning Intent if that scan by done by Hardware button or triggered by soft key.


                      Any way around it to achieve this?


                      I could use some flag when soft key is press when it will not work if user cancels scan and then presses hardware key.



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                  Anu Kannan

                  Had a couple of questions regarding your use-case. Could you please elaborate on the "two different kinds of packages" ? And these lists are maintained within your app itself ?

                  Is there any other way of discerning between these packages apart from having to use different trigger buttons ? For example, are the barcodes on the two different packages different in the symbology or content ?