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    Rhostudio error on Building in rhohub

      Hi guys,


      I am trying to build from RhoStudio into Rhohub following Building RhoStudio Apps on RhoHub guide at... docs.rhomobile.com/en/4.0.0/rhostudio-rhohub but after clicking "link" and checking the Create new application on RhoHub option it gives me an error like "Error in git user password or in the network connection".


      - I have tried on couple of different networks with and without proxy.


      - When RhoHub Application Wizard it shows the app list I have on RhoHub


      - Despite on the error it always create a new app in my RhoHub like... API-1cxxx-rhodes


      Could anybody please explain to me where to check the Git password? At preferences in RhoStudio in don´t see those and anyway I am not sure which are mine?


      Thanks in advance,