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    Server error in rhohub generated build

    Priyanka Singh

      Hi, I have build a Rhodes application using RhomobileSuit 4.0.0 and it is running fine on android device using rhostudio. Same application i am linking with rhohub to make a build for android device. it generates an apk file which i have installed on my device but when i open this app on my device it shows me the following error:   Server Error Error:uninitialized constant Rho::Application Trace:lib/rho/rho.rb:1294:in 'const_missing' (eval):2:in' lib/rho/render.rb:88:in 'eval_compiled_file' lib/rho/render.rb:88:in'inst_render_index' lib/rho/render.rb:59:in 'renderfile' lib/rho/rho.rb:861:in 'server_index