OS 36.3 is available

OS36.3 is now officially released and available on our support portal. 



This release includes major improvements in system stability and performance, and several new features that provide better usability and memory management.


  1. Fusion Software X_2.
  2. Team Express version 1.1.63
  3. Shell version 2.8.3
  4. AirBeam Client v07.08.42
  5. RD Client v07.08.42


Release Notes



  • Added support for all new SB1 Integrated Audio SKU (a.k.a. SB1-IAS)
  • Standalone Reboot Feature.
  • Standalone weekly re-boot is enabled by default to improve memory performance of device.
  • Notification to user on accidental suspend of device.
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance in low coverage areas.
  • More accurate signal strength indication.




  • Improved overall stability in various areas (Boot-Loader, Display, Image Processing, Audio).
  • Fixed few blank screen issues in wireless, PTT Express and Settings after coldboot
  • Shell Application have control to choose first SIP mode as Alpha or Numeric
  • Shell Applications have a control of decimal in SIP for Currency fields.
  • Shell application can launch SIP keypad on Text field automatically without clicking.
  • During page transitions a hour glass will be displayed instead of white screen while waiting for a response from remote server.
  • Barcode scanner enabled after device being idle in badge mode.