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    Application events documentation?

    Jon Tara

      The documentation on Application events seems to have gone missing in the 4.0 docs, or else I just can't find it.


      They are briefly mentioned in the API documentation on setApplicationNotify:


      Rhomobile | Application


      However, there is no detailed description of what event means, sequence of events, etc.


      Here is the old 2.2 documentation, which I assume is still valid as far as lifecycle:


      Rhomobile | AppApplication API


      However, there are several new events, and no documentation on just how to use them.

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          Robert Galvin



          Click on the Callback tab when you go to setApplicationNotify method:

          Rhomobile | Application


          it returns applicationEvent and eventData params:


          applicationEvent : STRING

          Possible Values :

          Rho.Application.APP_EVENT_ACTIVATED - (Activated) - replaces on_activate_app
          Rho.Application.APP_EVENT_DEACTIVATED - (Deactivated) - replaces on_deactivate_app
          Rho.Application.APP_EVENT_UICREATED - (UICreated) - replaces on_ui_created
          Rho.Application.APP_EVENT_UIDESTROYED - (UIDestroyed) - replaces on_ui_destroyed
          Rho.Application.APP_EVENT_CONFIGCONFLICT - (ConfigConflict) - replaces on_reinstall_config_update
          Rho.Application.APP_EVENT_DBMIGRATESOURCE - (DBMigrateSource)
          Rho.Apploication.APP_EVENT_SYNCUSERCHANGED - (SyncUserChanged)