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    Issues with RMS SharedRuntime on WinCE6

    Sebastian Vajsman

      Hi all,


      we have some minor but very ugly issues with autentication of our web application.

      We use RMS SharedRuntime on a Motorola MC3190 device on WinCE6.

      Authentication mode is HTTP Basic Authentication.


      1. issue:

      As you call the web application the good old basic auth popup is promted and asks for username and password.

      The problem here is, that both input fields are prefilled with default values "USERNAME" and "**********", which is really annoying, because every time you login you first have to clear the fields manually to be able to enter your data. Is there any way to change this behaviour?


      2. issue (much more frustrating indeed):

      As you enter your username and password an hit the ENT key the backend returns an error, that the login data is not correct.

      Looking at the specific error message reveals that username and password are submitted empty.

      I assume that the CANCEL Button of the Basic Auth Popup is focussed by default and hitting the ENT Key does lead to CANCEL and not to OK.

      Same application in Pocket Browser 3.x runs flawless as PocketIE Core seems to focus OK Button by default.


      Anybody got the same experience here? Any suggestions?

      RMS already tested with same behaviour.

      Next test will be with actual beta version.

      Other devices tested: MC9190, WT41N0