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    Compiling is extremely slow on 4.1?

    Ruben Ruben



      I've just updated to 4.1, and after doing a full clean of my lastest project, compilation doesnt seem to end. I've waited around 1 hour, and its still not done. I see cc1plus.exe processes spawing from time to time, but the use very little CPU. Memory and disk I/O seems also nearly dead.


      A full recompile would take around 10 mins for this project on 4.0.


      It's stuck in: Build extension (arm): coreapi.


      Any thoughts?



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          Ruben Ruben

          It just advanced to the next stage: Build extension (arm): rhoconnect-client, so it seems its working after all. But why does it take so much longer than with 4.0? Also, why is the CPU usage so low?

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              Jon Tara

              There's just a lot more code to build.


              I went from 2 minutes (2.2) to 5 on a 2012 Mac Mini. I haven't noticed the different vs 4.0 since I haven't done much work with 4.0, and converting a project from 2.2 to 4.1.


              While I haven't monitored CPU usage, I do have a little CPU temperature "bug" in my title bar, and the CPU gets good and hot when I build.

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              Hi ,


              Are you using RMS 4.1.1?


              It should not take that much of time. But if you are still seeing its taking enough time, Kindly add below under android section.


              abis: ["arm"]     # For arm platform

              abis: ["x86"]     # For Android Intel platform


              If you are including both abis: ["arm","x86"] then it will build for both the platform and it will take 2 times of the build time for single platform.

              If you are not including anything it will consider only for "arm" platform.