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    Launch external exe

    Alexey Mironov

      Hello evrybody!

      Dose anybody now now to launch an external exe (WinMobile platform)?

      Traditional Ruby's methods as system,exec dose not work on real device (work on rhosimulator).

      run_app method also work only with registred app....

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            Alexey Mironov

            I use rhostudio 2.2 it have not runApplication method,

            LaunchProcess on js given errors - "unknown varible ActiveXObject"

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                Can you please make sure..


                in config.xml of your application??


                and apptype is rhoelements in build.yml




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                    Alexey Mironov



                    sdkversion: "3.4.0"

                    name: "collection_VOZ"

                    version: "1.0"

                    vendor: "rhomobile"

                    build: "debug"

                    bbver: "4.6"

                    applog: "rholog.txt"


                      configuration: "Release"

                      sdk: "iphonesimulator5.0"




                      BundleIdentifier: "com.rhomobile.collectionvoz"

                      BundleURLScheme: "collectionvoz"


                      productid: "47747260-9574-0131-240a-00ff8959b77a"


                      uid: "0xee330a6f"


                      version: "2.1"


                      - json

                      - another-extension

                      - coreapi

                    app_type: "rhoelements"


                      - bluetooth




                    # startup page for your application

                    start_path = '/app/Interface'


                    # path to the options page (in this case handled by javascript)

                    options_path = '/app/Settings'


                    # location of bundle url (i.e. from rhohub.com); used by desktop win32 simulator

                    rhobundle_zip_url = ''


                    # optional password to access bundle (usually not required); used by desktop win32 simulator

                    rhobundle_zip_pwd = nil


                    # Rhodes log properties

                    # log level

                    # 0-trace, 1-info(app level), 3-warnings, 4-errors

                    # for production set to 3

                    MinSeverity  = 0


                    # enable copy log messages to standard output, useful for debugging

                    LogToOutput = 1


                    # '*' means all categories, otherwise list them : Cat1, Cat2

                    LogCategories = *


                    # what categories to exclude

                    ExcludeLogCategories =


                    # max log file size in Bytes, set 0 to unlimited size; when limit is reached, log wraps to beginning of file



                    # turn on local http server traces, off by default

                    #net_trace = 0


                    # timeout of network requests in seconds (30 by default)

                    #net_timeout = 60


                    # where log will be posted by RhoConf.send_log or from the log menu 

                    # source is also open and up on http://github.com/rhomobile/rhologs, so you can deploy your own logserver

                    logserver = 'http://rhologs.heroku.com'


                    # log file prefix - contain human-readable text



                    # Keep track of the last visited page

                    KeepTrackOfLastVisitedPage = 0

                    LastVisitedPage = ''


                    # sync server url, typically this will look like 'http://<hostname>:<port>/application'

                    # for example: 'http://localhost:9292/application'

                    syncserver = 'http://localhost:9292/application'



                    # geo location inactivity timeout (in seconds)

                    #geo_location_inactivity_timeout = 30


                    # open rhodes app in full screen mode

                    # default 1 for Android up to Rhodes 2.2.5.

                    # on all other platforms and on Android from Rhodes >2.2.5 default 0

                    #full_screen = 1


                    # disable the Android page loading progress bar

                    #disable_loading_indication = 0


                    # Port of the local (embedded) HTTP server. This parameter is mainly for debug purposes.

                    # If not specified, application will use dynamically selected one.

                    # WARNING!!! Remove this parameter before put application to production.

                    #local_server_port = 8080


                    # show status bar on windows mobile. default 1

                    #wm_show_statusbar = 1


                    # disable screen rotation (enabled by default) - disable possible for ANDROID and iPhone ONLY

                    disable_screen_rotation = 1


                    # disable close app when pressing back on home screen on blackberry

                    #bb_disable_closebyback = 0


                    # load images in background, this improve reaction speed on user actions, 0 by default

                    #bb_loadimages_async = 0


                    # set to 0 to reset the bulksync_state and trigger a bulk sync the next time rhodes synchronizes

                    #bulksync_state = 1


                    # hides forward button and animates back button transition