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    Xcode command-line tools selection

    Jon Tara

      Somehow, I thought this got fixed in 4.0, but now I have moved a project from 2.2 to 4.1, and find this is still not fixed.


      A developer might have multiple versions of Xcode installed. The command line tools that will be used (normally) can be set either in Xcode Settings, Locations, Command Line Tools drop-down, or using a command-line tools. Normally, this is all that is needed to switch versions when doing command-line builds.


      Rhodes doesn't observe this setting, and so if you have multiple versions of Xcode installed, you have to constantly rename them so that the one you are building with is called Xcode.app.


      Was this fixed and then the fix lost? Was this never done, and I misunderstood.


      Sorry, can't seem to find the related Issue, but I specifically recall having a discussion about it and nothing that it had been fixed in master.