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    Source Adapter Store Ruby API?

    Ruben Ruben



      I'm trying to make use of the Store API for Ruby inside RhoConnect, but I'm pretty much doing it by trial-and-error since i'm not able to find the documentation for it. I see however that it is available for Javascript, so I assume the Ruby version must be somewhere.


      Could you please point me where I can get a look at it?

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          Please try this. It is the 2.2 API but the API for that particular API has not changed. I will put these items into our latest docs asap.

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              Ruben Ruben

              Hi Michael, thanks for your answer. I had alredy seen this page, and used it successfully, but aren't there more methods for the Store class?


              I've had a look at the source code, and i've seen there are methods to add and delete users, for example. I tried using them, but without documentation, it is hard to guess how they work.


              I'm temporarily doing this using the REST interface, but i'm not sure if its the best way. It doesn't seem very logical to use HTTP when I have a class that allows me to interact directly with the DB.