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    Still no decent tabbar in rhomobile?

    Jochem Pouwels

      Im just curious, has anyone found a fix for preloading tabs in rhomobile?

      The current tabbar always:


      -Show a blank page after the splashscreen before first tab loads

      -Show a blank page after a tabbar click.


      All this could be fixed by preloading the views in the tabs. Has anyone found a way to do this?


      It really is pretty ugly for the user to constantly look at blank pages..

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          This can be done when the tab is created, under the 'parameters' section of the create method here: Rhomobile | NativeTabbar


          createOnInit : BOOLEANDefault: false

          Create tab immediately when TabBar is created. Action also will be executed. If false, the tab will be created when it is switched to.



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              Jochem Pouwels

              The docs says it will only work for Windows Mobile.

              I need this for android and iOs too..


              any workarounds maybe?

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                  Unfortunately this is only available for windows mobile. The closest you can get on other platforms is to use the current view in the new tab:

                  • useCurrentViewForTab : BOOLEANDefault: falseGives a smooth transfer to a newly opened tab from the current view into this Tab and make this Tab active. Only one Tab can have this parameter. Platforms:WM, Win32, Android, iOS



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                      Jochem Pouwels

                      I just tried it, but the whole app gets stuck in splashscreen when I do that..

                      Xcode fails on an assert:

                      - (UIWebView*)detachWebView {

                          [self restoreWebView];

                          UIWebView *w = [webView retain];

                          [w removeFromSuperview];

                          webView.delegate = nil;

                          self.webView = nil;


                          assert(w && [w retainCount] == 1); <-------- THIS ONE

                          return w;


                      I get this error in the log:

                      Assertion failed: (w && [w retainCount] == 1), function -[SimpleMainView detachWebView], file /Users/beheerder/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p448/gems/rhodes-4.0.0/platform/iphone/Classes/SimpleMainView.m, line 696.


                      Any help?

                      I am creating the tabs in the method that is configured as starting method in RhoConfig as follows:


                            :label => "xxx",

                            :action => "/app/xxx/",

                            :useCurrentViewForTab => true,

                            :icon => "/public/images/tabs/xxx.png",

                            :selectedColor => 0x000000,

                            :backgroundColor => 0xb5bdc8


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                  Jon Tara

                  I think it's silly that the tabbar and multiple UIWebViews are tied-together in one component. One really has nothing to do with the other.


                  Sometimes you want a native tab bar, but you don't need multiple UIWebViews.


                  Sometimes you want multiple UIWebViews, but you don't need a native tab bar.


                  I have quite a few use cases for this, and probably will just write my own native view extension to create extra UIWebViews. Of course, this requires per-platform native code, and it's likely I'll only support OSX. Would be better if Motorola were to supply this.


                  A "would be nice" feature would be transitions between the UIWebViews similar to jQuery Mobile.

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                      Jochem Pouwels

                      I think in my situation I do need to have the tabbar and multiple UIWebViews tied-together..

                      All i am trying now is to have a smooth app start, splashscreen.... and then bamm the homescreen with tabbar without any blank screen..


                      Did you make any app with the tabbar and got it working correctly?


                      Also I read somewhere that you managed to preload the tabs in iOS by doing a webview.navigate(...., x) in the tabbar callback on start..

                      But that did not work completely because with an tabswitch the page still reloads, wouldnt it be an idea to find the part of objective c that reloads the tabs on iOS and disable the reload?


                      I really would like to make my app more native like... The tabbar just make whole my app so bad because all those blank screens.


                      Any help would be appreciated!


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                        Jochem Pouwels

                        Hey Jon, got any updates on your progress in making your own changes to the native code of the tabbar?