123Scan2 - How do I test for an OCR read when doing data formatting?

In 123Scan2's data formating section I can test for the barcode type before applying the format rule(s).  For example I can write a data formatting rule that only applies to Code128 barcodes.

I am using the DS9808 scanner and wish to write a data formatting rule for OCR data.  Is there any way to test for OCR as the code type?

Andrew Pengelly
Got an answer from Motorola

Got an answer from Motorola support as follows ....


Currently, we do not have a 123scan2 solution for OCR standard yet. That is why when you open 123Scan2 you will notice it does not have options to


a)  : enable / disable OCR 

b)   : options to apply specific ADF rules to OCR


If you plan to create any rule for OCR you have to refer back to the programming barcodes in the manual as right now it is not programmable via 123Scan2.

Here is the reference to our product guide. On page 193 begins the topic for OCR programming.


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