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    French character

    Amardeep Singh

      We have created an application which will retrieve french labels from the server and save the same to local DB using RHOM. French characters are saved properly but when we retrieve back from the local DB using RHOM we get different set of characters.


      Data Saved in sqlLite: Pick_àÔù

      Data retrieved using RHOM:  Pick_à Ôù

      After rendering to UI: Pick_\u00e0\u00d4\u00f9

      Please let us know how to resolve this issue.
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          Adel Sari

          i tried with Pick_àÔù and it's rendering correctly.

          can you provide the code.

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              Amardeep Singh

              Code to retrieve data from LocalDB using RHOM:


                      @d = Bundle.find_by_sql("select * from Bundle")

                      puts "Data is: " + @d[0].data

                    rescue Exception => ex

                       puts ex


              Code to send information to UI:

                def do_ajax(json)

                  @response["headers"]["Content-Type"] = "text/html; charset=UTF-8"

                  render :string => ::JSON.generate(json), :layout => false