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    4.1 unstable on Android 4.4.2?

    Ruben Ruben



      In my most recent app, i'm seeing some odd behaviour with only on of my 3 test devices: my Nexus 4, running android 4.4.2. Since I upgraded to RhoMobile 4.1, the native menu often stops responding on this device, meaning it won't show when you click on the menu button. The app still works fine, but in some occasions, insisting too much on it will cause a crash. It seems that if I switch to another app and then come back to my app, I can use the menu again.


      I'm not sure it has anything to do with Android 4.4.2, it could also have something to do with the fact that my other 2 devices have a physical "menu" button, and the Nexus 4 does not.


      Has anyone else experienced this?


      PS: I'm using the Javascript API:


      /** Native menu initialization */

      CompasApp.run( function(){

          Rho.Application.nativeMenu = [


                  label: "Logout",

                  action: 'javascript: Rho.RhoConnectClient.logout(); document.location.href = "#/login/";'



                  label: "Sync",

                  action: 'javascript: Rho.RhoConnectClient.doSync(); document.location.href = "#/syncing/"'



                  label: "Exit",

                  action: 'javascript: Rho.Application.quit();'



                  label: "Show log",

                  action: 'javascript: Rho.Log.showLog();'