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    Get back HTTP get data

    Araz Rahimi

      Hello everyone,  I'm new to Rhomobile and Ruby and I'm just playing around with the framework right now. I'm trying to do a HTTP get to a WCF rest service, and show the data on a result view. Right now I've got this:


      def test_http_post        

        getProps = Hash.new        

        getProps['url'] = "http://localhost/RestServiceImpl.svc/GetId"           getProps['headers'] = {"Content-Type" => "application/json"}         

        response = Rho::Network.get(getProps, url_for(:action => :get_callback))           @msg = "Loading..."               

        render :action => :wait 



      def get_callback   

        if @params['status'] == "ok"     

        get_result = Rho::JSON.parse(@params['body'])               WebView.navigate( url_for(:action => :result))   




      I'm getting a response from the WCF and the WebView.navite works well, but I can't seem to view the data on the "result" view. How do I pass the data in "get_result" there?   Thanks!  Best Regards  Araz