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    BLE support in rhodes ?

    Gert Vandelaer

      'lo all,


      I've been building cross platform apps with rhodes for some time now, and I think it's great.  But now I was working on a communication platform, where I had been using classic bluetooth devices (a bit of a hassle for iOS), and I wanted to switch to BLE devices.  I have a nordic BLE chipset, and in pure java I can communicate just fine with these devices.


      As the whole pairing and connectivity in BLE is quite different to classicBT, I was just wondering if there's any plans for supporting BLE in the rhodes API in the near future ?  I looked through git repo of rhodes (I'm still on 3.5, because migrating to 4.x is a real pain for existing apps), but there's no mention of any BLE development ... so maybe in the 4.x branch ?  That would motivate a bit more to migrate away from 3.5 branch