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    Using Intent for share Text

    Fernando Coelho da Silva



      I'm trying to use the API Rhodes 4.1 to share a text with other applications on my device.


      I'm trying to use the Android API:





      SendIntent intent = new Intent ();

      sendIntent.setAction (Intent.ACTION_SEND);

      sendIntent.putExtra (Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, "This is my text to send.");

      sendIntent.setType ("text / plain");

      startActivity (Intent.createChooser (sendIntent, getResources () getText (R.string.send_to)).);



      How can I do this in Rhodes 4.1?



      Using Javascript:



      SendTEXT function () {

      var intentParams = {action: "android.intent.action.SEND"

      intentType: Rho.Intent.START_ACTIVITY,

               uri: "My Text?"};



      Rho.Intent.send (intentParams);