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    Error Building Rhomobile Application on Android Device

    Priyanka Singh

      Guys I am using rhomobile for making a hybrid app.I am using Windows 7 operating system and Rhostudio 4.0.0. When i run this app on Rhosimulator it runs fine but when i try to run it on android device after plugging in usb cable. it shows following output on console.

      PWD: C:\Users\priyanka2\workspace\DemoApp
      CMD: rake run:android:device
      cd C:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite4.0.0/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rhodes-4.0.0
      rake aborted!
      No such file or directory - wmic OS get OSArchitecture

      Tasks: TOP => run:android:device => device:android:debug => package:android =>
        build:android:all => build:android:rhobundle => config:android
      (See full trace by running task with --trace)
      $app_config['extensions'] : ["coreapi", "json", "rhoconnect-client"]
      $app_config['capabilities'] : []
      Using Android SDK build-tools: android-4.3
      $vendor = rhomobile`enter code here`
      $app_package_name = com.rhomobile.demoapp
      RET: 1
      Error in build application. Build is terminated.

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          Please run 'wmic' from command line. What is output?
          Please run 'where wmic' from command line. What is output?
          Please list directory 'C:\Windows\System32\wbem'.

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              Priyanka Singh

              Below is the Output for respective commands:-



              Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]

              Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.




              'wmic' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

              operable program or batch file.



              C:\Windows\system32>where wmic

              INFO: Could not find files for the given pattern(s).



              C:\Windows\system32>cd wbem




              AuditRsop.mof                            mstsc.mof

              AutoRecover                              mstscax.mof

              BthMtpEnum.mof                           msv1_0.mof

              DShowRdpFilter.mof                       mswmdm.mof

              DevicePairingHandler.mof                 nci.mof

              FunDisc.mof                              ncprov.mof

              IMAPIv2-Base.mof                         ncsi.mof

              IMAPIv2-FileSystemSupport.mof            ndistrace.mof

              IMAPIv2-LegacyShim.mof                   netprofm.mof

              IPBusEnum.mof                            networkitemfactory.mof

              KrnlProv.dll                             networkmap.mof

              L2SecHC.mof                              newdev.mof

              Logs                                     nlasvc.mof

              MMFUtil.dll                              nlsvc.mof

              MOF                                      nshipsec.mof

              Microsoft-Windows-OfflineFiles.mof       ntevt.dll

              Microsoft-Windows-Remote-FileSystem.mof  ntevt.mof

              NAPCLIENTPROV.MOF                        ntfs.mof

              NAPCLIENTSCHEMA.MOF                      onex.mof

              NCProv.dll                               p2p-collab.mof

              OfflineFilesWmiProvider.mof              p2p-crp.mof

              OfflineFilesWmiProvider_Uninstall.mof    p2p-mesh.mof

              PNPXAssoc.mof                            p2p-pnrp.mof

              Performance                              partmgr.mof

              PolicMan.dll                             pnpsetup.mof

              PolicMan.mof                             polproc.mof

              PrintFilterPipelineSvc.mof               polprocl.mof

              RacWmiProv.dll                           polprou.mof

              RacWmiProv.mof                           polstore.mof

              Repository                               portabledeviceapi.mof

              SMTPCons.dll                             portabledeviceclassextension.

              SchedSvc.mof                             portabledeviceconnectapi.mof

              SensorsClassExtension.mof                portabledevicetypes.mof

              ServDeps.dll                             portabledevicewiacompat.mof

              ServiceModel.mof                         portabledevicewmdrm.mof

              ServiceModel.mof.uninstall               powermeterprovider.mof

              ServiceModel35.mof                       powerpolicyprovider.mof

              ServiceModel35.mof.uninstall             ppcRsopCompSchema.mof

              UserProfileWmiProvider.mof               ppcRsopUserSchema.mof

              WBEMCons.mof                             profileassociationprovider.mo

              WFAPIGP.mof                              qmgr.mof

              WFP.MOF                                  rawxml.xsl

              WLanHC.mof                               rdpcore.mof

              WMIADAP.exe                              rdpencom.mof

              WMIC.exe                                 rdpendp.mof

              WMICOOKR.dll                             regevent.mof

              WMIPICMP.dll                             repdrvfs.dll

              WMIPIPRT.dll                             rsop.mof

              WMIPJOBJ.dll                             rspndr.mof

              WMIPSESS.dll                             samsrv.mof

              WMI_Tracing.mof                          scersop.mof

              WMIsvc.dll                               schannel.mof

              WPDShServiceObj.mof                      scm.mof

              WSDApi.mof                               scrcons.exe

              WUDFx.mof                                scrcons.mof

              WUDFxUninstall.mof                       sdbus.mof

              Wdf01000.mof                             secrcw32.mof

              Wdf01000Uninstall.mof                    sensorscpl.mof

              WgxInstalledGame.mof                     services.mof

              Win32_EncryptableVolume.dll              setupapi.mof

              Win32_EncryptableVolumeUninstall.mof     smtpcons.mof

              Win32_Tpm.dll                            sppwmi.mof

              Win32_Tpm.mof                            sr.mof

              WinMgmt.exe                              ssdpsrv.mof

              WinMgmtR.dll                             sstpsvc.mof

              Winsat.mof                               stdprov.dll

              WinsatUninstall.mof                      stortrace.mof

              WmiApRes.dll                             subscrpt.mof

              WmiApRpl.dll                             system.mof

              WmiApSrv.exe                             tcpip.mof

              WmiDcPrv.dll                             texttable.xsl

              WmiPerfClass.dll                         textvaluelist.xsl

              WmiPerfClass.mof                         tmf

              WmiPerfInst.dll                          tscfgwmi.mof

              WmiPerfInst.mof                          tsmf.mof

              WmiPrvSD.dll                             tspkg.mof

              WmiPrvSE.exe                             umb.mof

              WsmAgent.mof                             umbus.mof

              WsmAgentUninstall.mof                    umpass.mof

              WsmAuto.mof                              umpnpmgr.mof

              ZTITatoo.mof                             unsecapp.exe

              aaclient.mof                             vds.mof

              authfwcfg.mof                            vdswmi.dll

              auxiliarydisplayapi.mof                  viewprov.dll

              auxiliarydisplaycpl.mof                  vss.mof

              auxiliarydisplaydriverlib.mof            vsswmi.dll

              auxiliarydisplayservices.mof             wbemcntl.dll

              bcd.mof                                  wbemcons.dll

              cimdmtf.mof                              wbemcore.dll

              cimwin32.dll                             wbemdisp.dll

              cimwin32.mof                             wbemdisp.tlb

              cli.mof                                  wbemess.dll

              cliegaliases.mof                         wbemprox.dll

              dimsjob.mof                              wbemsvc.dll

              dimsroam.mof                             wbemtest.exe

              dot3.mof                                 wcncsvc.mof

              drvinst.mof                              wdigest.mof

              dsprov.dll                               wfs.mof

              dsprov.mof                               whqlprov.mof

              eaimeapi.mof                             win32_encryptablevolume.mof

              en-US                                    win32_printer.mof

              esscli.dll                               wininit.mof

              fastprox.dll                             winipsec.mof

              fdPHost.mof                              winlogon.mof

              fdSSDP.mof                               wlan.mof

              fdWNet.mof                               wmi.mof

              fdWSD.mof                                wmipcima.dll

              fdrespub.mof                             wmipcima.mof

              filetrace.mof                            wmipdfs.dll

              firewallapi.mof                          wmipdfs.mof

              fwcfg.mof                                wmipdskq.dll

              hbaapi.mof                               wmipdskq.mof

              hnetcfg.mof                              wmipicmp.mof

              interop.mof                              wmipiprt.mof

              ipsecsvc.mof                             wmipjobj.mof

              irda.mof                                 wmiprov.dll

              irmon.mof                                wmipsess.mof

              iscsidsc.mof                             wmitimep.dll

              iscsihba.mof                             wmitimep.mof

              iscsiprf.mof                             wmiutils.dll

              iscsirem.mof                             wmp.mof

              kerberos.mof                             wmpnetwk.mof

              krnlprov.mof                             wpc.mof

              l2gpstore.mof                            wpcsprov.mof

              lltdio.mof                               wpcuninst.mof

              lltdsvc.mof                              wpd_ci.mof

              lsasrv.mof                               wpdbusenum.mof

              mblctr.mof                               wpdcomp.mof

              mmc.mof                                  wpdfs.mof

              mofcomp.exe                              wpdmtp.mof

              mofd.dll                                 wpdshext.mof

              mofinstall.dll                           wpdsp.mof

              mountmgr.mof                             wpdwcn.mof

              mpsdrv.mof                               wscenter.mof

              mpssvc.mof                               wscmisetup.mof

              msfeeds.mof                              wzcdlg.mof

              msfeedsbs.mof                            xml

              msi.mof                                  xsl-mappings.xml

              msiprov.dll                              xwizards.mof





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                  Thank you.


                  Am I right that you run cygwin shell?


                  My theory is:
                  You start rhodes from cygwin shell.
                  rhodes tries to run "wmic OS get OSArchitecture"

                  I think that cygwin shell is case sensitive. wmic executable is C:\Windows\System32\wbem\WMIC.exe (note uppercase).

                  Therefore rhodes unable to run wmic under cygwin due to different cases.


                  Lets check the theory. Please make following tests:

                  run 'wmic' from cmd.exe shell. wmic should be started.

                  run 'where wmic' from cmd.exe shell.  Output should be "C:\Windows\System32\wbem\WMIC.exe".

                  run 'WMIC' from cygwin shell. wmic should be started.

                  If the theory is right and tests confirm it then the workaround is

                  use rhodes from cmd.exe shell only (avoid cygwin)

                  rename C:\Windows\System32\wbem\WMIC.exe to lower case and use whatever shell you want

                  find all "wmic" words in rhodes gem sources and change it to uppercase (be carefull!)

                  Hope this helps.

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                What edition of Windows 7 do you use? Is it possible that you restricted to run 'wmic' tool by system policy by system administrator?