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    Camera preview issue on Galaxy S4 and Note 3

    Araz Rahimi



      I'm using the Camera API to capture images in my app, and I'm having problems with the Camera preview. The scale of the image is all of.


      I think it might have to do with the fact that the Galaxy S4 and the Note 3 captures images in a 4/3 aspect ratio by default, and then cuts the edges so that it covers the whole screen (16/9).


      There are no problems with the final captured image, it looks fine. Just the preview that's all wrong. I've attached an image of the preview.



      Is there any way to solve this? This is my code right now:


      def new_picture

          settings = { :flash_mode => 'auto', :desired_width => 1024, :desired_height => 1024 }


          Camera::take_picture(url_for(:action => :camera_callback), settings)


          redirect :action => :wait



      Also, is there any way to enable auto rotate on the image while capturing?