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    BUG: Radio button Issue

    James Howard

      Using radio buttons in rhosimulator or win32 causes the app to behave strangely.


      Steps to reproduce:



      • Add a radio button to a page: <label>My Radio</label><input type="radio" name="myRadio"/>
      • Run rhosimulator. Notice that the rhosimulator window can be resized with no problem.
      • Click the radio button - then try to resize the rhosimulator window.



      For one thing, the checkbox is not checked. Also, if you try to resize the rhosimulator window, it will freeze the ui.

      The same thing happens in win32 builds. Further, simply adding the "checked" attribute to the radio button causes the same issue.
      I have verified the same behavior on coworkers machines as well.
      Running On:
      Windows 7 64bit
      RhoStudio 4.1.1
      Rhodes 4.1.1


        • Re: BUG: Radio button Issue
          Jon Tara

          RhoSimulator isn't a very good emulation of real device browser. I wouldn't use RhoSimulator to debug UI issues. (I don't use it at all.)


          I always use either a real device or the appropriate manufacturer-provided simulator. (e.g. I debug iOS apps in either the iOS Simulator or real iPhone/iPad. Not RhoSimulator.


          RhoSimulator can be useful if you need to debug some Ruby code.