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    Does Motorola monitor the questions on this site?

    Andrew Pengelly

      I've posted a number of questions on this portal and have been disappointed at the lack of response to most of them.  So I have begun to wonder if Motorola support spend any time reading and answering the questions here.  It seems to be left to the goodwill of other Motorola partners to share their knowledge which understandably most don't have the time or inclination to do.  So does anyone out there know if Motorola actively answers questions in Launchpad?  And what experience have you had when you have asked your questions?

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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Andrew


          Is it possible for you to list the questions asked by you in RhoMobile platform so that we can do our best to answer you.




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            Robert Galvin

            Hi Andrew,


            Thank you for bringing this up and sorry to hear you have not had a great experience. Overall here is how the site is setup and how internal teams are engaged


            - There are several 'spaces' inside of Launchpad and each one is monitored by different teams. So experience with certain areas may not indicate experience from others. For example the RhoMobile area is high traffic, highly used whereas other areas like Advanced Data Capture sees less traffic and is monitored by less people.

            - Typically the teams that monitor the forums are from the core product/engineering team. They are not typically from the traditional support teams. The support teams are dedicated for traditional support cases via the support systems that partners and customers with support contracts.

            - Launchpad is not meant to replace the support systems - it is meant to provide a place for the community (mostly developers) to engage with others and to have one place to share information to the masses.


            From your message history, I see that for the most part the questions where you got no response came from lower engaged areas like ADC and general Mobile computing. I will forward your message to the teams that monitor those forums.



            Rob Galvin