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SOTI MobiControl Kiosk feature walk through


SOTI MobiControl Kiosk and Lockdown feature allows for administrators to constrain the usage experience of a handheld or tablet device to a single presentation screen. For retail environments this is an idea situation so that the end-user can access only the applications as need or provide customers with a means to have a predefined experience while in a store location setting. Branding elements and corporate colors can be used throughout the development and deployment of a Kiosk screen.   In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen corporate device a Lockdown screen may be used to disable all of the device's functionality, initiate a remote data wipe, and enable GPS tracking until such time as the device is recovered. All of these capabilities are available within SOTI MobiControl for an administrator to have the flexibility to enforce corporate security policies at any given time using Package and Rules.