"Error writing to connection" on ZQ520 printer

Hi everybody,

thank you for the great work you always do.


I'm developing an iOS application that create a pdf, saving in device and then print with the Zebra ZQ520 printer.

I'm connected to the printer with an Ipad 10.3 and I'm able to print pdfs from the Ipad with your SDK application.

Before i execute [graphicsUtil printImage:[image CGImage]atX:0 atY:0 withWidth:-1 withHeight:-1 NO error:&error]; i check if the connection to the print is still open.

When i call the function printImage from graphicsUtil i received an error: Error Domain=ZSDK_API_ERROR_DOMAIN Code=1 "Error writing to connection".


In attachments the ALLCV, the printer config, an HH report from the printer, the screenshot of the error.


Best reguards, waiting for answer.