Asset Ownership Service
Find what devices you have enrolled in Zebra Data Services

The Asset Ownership Service (AOS) allows a user to see what devices they own that have been enrolled in Zebra Data Services. This information is used to determine who has access to devices for various other services. Other services include the Subscription services where users can be notified of events such as an RFID tag entering an area, or a scanner scanning a barcode.

Assets are divided by asset class, for example Mobile Computers are under the 'handheld' asset class, while printers are under 'printer'. Each particular asset can have any number of "justifications" against it from various sources of ownership information. The justification with the highest 'confidence' score(0-100) is who owns the device.

A system can have it's own base confidence level for what they will accept as being good enough to assign ownership. For example, a system may require a confidence higher than 60% in order to allow a user to access that device's information in that system.

To enroll a device, go to the My Devices page.

Supported Devices

This API may have devices enrolled automatically via support contracts. Currently it supports 3 classes of devices.

  • Handheld - Zebra mobile computers
  • Printer - Zebra printers
  • Scanner - Zebra peripheral hand scanners

A Zebra application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide for instructions on obtaining a key. Optionally requires a Bearer Token from the Zebra 2-legged or 3-legged OAuth Service.

Asset Ownership in Action
  • A user can use this to view the devices they have ownership of and use the serial numbers of those devices to access other Zebra APIs. An application can use the device ownership information in order to authorize a user's access to a particular device.
  • A user can verify what devices they own for troubleshooting and audited purposes.

Price: FREE

Number of Calls: 1000/day

Max Fequency of Calls: 5/sec