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Tools, SDKs, Applications & Administration tools for our enterprise mobile computer portfolio
Tools & Software
DataWedge is an intent based scanning API pre-installed on all of our Mobile Computers & is free of charge to use. DataWedge is our recommended scanning platform for developers.
Designed for use with Google Android Studio, the Enterprise Mobility Development Kit (EMDK) for Android gives developers a comprehensive set of tools to easily create powerful business applications for enterprise mobility devices, from barcode scanning to device management & staging.
The EMDK for Xamarin provides developers with the tools necessary for creating applications that target the enterprise mobility Xamarin libraries, such as Barcode. This developer kit is designed for use with Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio with Xamarin.Android. The Xamarin Business or Enterprise license is required.
Enterprise Browser is a powerful, next generation industrial browser that enables developers to build feature-rich web applications that integrate seamlessly with the features in Zebra mobile computers and peripherals.
Building on the stock Android keyboard, Enterprise Keyboard provides programmable keys, can switch quickly between languages and key layouts, and has the ability to scan barcode data directly into an application using any of the device's scanners.
Enterprise Keyboard Designer (EKD) is a free GUI tool for Windows that can be used to create customized key layouts for Zebra's Enterprise Keyboard to enhance an application and enable efficient and accurate data entry.
Zebra Enterprise Home Screen is a free Android app from Zebra Technologies that provides a simple way for administrators to control access to apps and settings on a Zebra device without the need to write custom code.
Secure Storage Manager (SSM) is a mechanism for securely sharing files and/or data from an originating app to one or more target apps, or to itself. It is built into Zebra mobile computers to help address the Google-mandated security restrictions being phased in starting with Android 11
Zebra OEMinfo is a service included with Zebra devices that provides app developers with a simple, unified and secure method of programmatically determining device capabilities and settings.
StageNow is Zebra's next-generation Android (Nougat or later) staging solution for simple profile creation and easy device deployment with a quick scan of a barcode or tap on an NFC tag
The MX Management System (MXMS) is an XML-based communication framework that provides a common interface for managing the capabilities and behaviors of Zebra Android devices and can be leveraged through EMMs, StageNow or the EMDK ProfileManager
Zebra OEMConfig is an administrative tool for configuring Zebra Android devices using Android Managed Configurations. To configure a feature for which no Android Enterprise API is available, the use of Managed Configurations is the only available method based on publicly available specifications developed by Google and the Android community.

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