Whether you need to do a proof of concept or develop a fully featured application with RFID readers, these tools help you every step of the way.
Tools & Software
Developed as a standard feature of our barcode scanners and RFID readers, IoT Connector is simple to configure - no coding required - and uses standard protocols within the Internet of Things to gather data from cloud-capable edge devices in a simple, consistent manner
The Unified Zebra RFID SDK for Android provides a powerful set of APIs to take full advantage of Zebras handheld & fixed RFID Readers.
The Zebra Scanner SDK includes a suite of components that provides a unified software development framework with a wide range of functions for interfacing Zebra Scanners to user applications and solutions.
The Unified Zebra RFID SDK Xamarin (Android) is Xamarin library that adds a comprehensive set of APIs to easily create powerful applications for Zebra RFID Handheld readers.
The Unified Zebra RFID SDK for Xamarin (iOS) provides a powerful set of APIs to take full advantage of the MC3300R, RFD2000 and RFD8500 performance, functionality and versatility.
Enables MFi enabled devices to interface with Zebras mobile readers through a powerful set of APIs
Host RFID SDK provides a toolset for developing applications for Zebra RFID reader devices and programmatically accessing or controlling RFID reader functionality.
This package contains the tools required to develop embedded applications for FX Series RFID readers

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