Announcing the New ZC100 and ZC300 Card Printers

Manuel Caicedo-Rivera -

It’s been a long journey, but with the ZC100 & ZC300 card printers ​ release, we are moving forward to a new generation of card printers.  ZC100 and  ZC300 series replace our legacy ZXP Series 1 and 3 card printers.

These new printers come in three different flavors.

In addition to the printers, we are launching our new set of SDKs and developer tools strengthening our portfolio of Print DNA. Now, develop and integrate Zebra Card printers will be a better experience for developers that will be able to work in Android, Java and C#. You can access all Multi-platform Zebra SDK APIs documentation from here.

Android developers now can design mobile apps by providing a unique user experience for use cases in different verticals. By using XML templates and USB & WIFI (network) connectivity, the card SDK will enable the full power of the printers with smartcards encoding & printing through special layers with the new ribbons added to it.

C# SDK comes with a new set of libraries and sample code to provide full compatibility of our previous Java Version. The first versions of our new Android & C# SDKs were tested to support our ZC100 & ZC300 series printers.

Finally, our Java Card SDK was enhanced to support our new ZC100 & ZC300 series printers. Now, with only one SDK (Java), you will be able to control the new generation of card printers and our legacy portfolio of ZXP 1,3,7,8,9 printers as well.

If you want to know more about our new card printers & developer tools, please, join us by registering for our
DEVTALK: Card Printers  on May 16th at 10:00 am CDT Register now.



Manuel Caicedo-Rivera

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