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Our upcoming Zebra DevTalks Community Day on August 24th, 2022, focusing on the latest tools and best practices for RFID application development, is a free online event open to all. You can attend one, some or all of the sessions throughout the day.

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We’re particularly excited to be introducing Zebra’s IoT Connector, a new feature built directly into the latest OS versions of FX7500 and FX9600 Fixed Readers. The IoT Connector makes developing for fixed readers easy by enabling cloud communication built on web-friendly protocols such as MQTT, REST and JSON so that any web applications running on the cloud or on-premise can automate, manage and control readers as well as extract tag data and events real-time. When you join this talk, you’ll learn about the easy three-step process to configure the Zebra IoT Connector, along with a roadmap that involves plans for CloudConnect and FXConnect.

For more, join this free online event where you can also learn about RFID software tools and supported products, fixed reader support for our Android SDK, the Android RFID handheld SDK and learn how to develop an RFID application, and a demo of the latest 123RFID features.

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