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Create web-based RFID apps with Zebra Enterprise Browser

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Create web-based RFID apps with Zebra Enterprise Browser


 This blog demonstrates how to use the latest 3.7 release of Enterprise Browser to create full-featured HTML+JavaScript RFID apps for the Zebra RFD40/90 sleds and MC3300R. The RFID API for these specific products has been implemented in Enterprise Browser and supports relatively simple configuration and use of the RFID reader for :

-Reading tags

-Filtering tags according to one or more prefix patterns

-Finding specific tags using the tag locate functionality

-Writing tags (not demonstrated but part of the supported API set)


You can install a demo configuration of EB 3.7 with a sample app on any suitable Zebra Android device using the StageNow barcodes attached and below (requires a pre-configured internet connection on the device):

XML (up to A11)



JS: (A13 onwards):



Once installed , EB will start automatically and show the sample app screen below:


By default the sample is configured to use a USB eConnex connection to the reader . To change this to Bluetooth (optional for RFD40/90) or Serial (MC3300XR) , follow these steps:


-Connect the device to a PC via a USB cable

-Using ADB , type the following command to retrieve the default demo app:

Adb pull /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser/RFID_EB.html

-Edit the app and locate the line below which configures the connection type:

rfid.transport= "usb";

Replace this line with the following for Bluetooth(RFD40/90/8500):


or this line for serial (MC3300XR):



-Save and copy the modified sample back to the device:


 Adb push RFID_EB.html /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser/RFID_EB.html


-Press the refresh button at top left to reload the modified page. At this point, the Connection status should be CONNECTED as per the screenshot below:


If the RFD trigger is mapped to RFID , you can just pull the trigger in order to read tags and the unique tag data will appear on screen in the (scrollable) form. Alternatively , the reader can be soft triggered using the onscreen Start/Stop Inventory buttons.


If the tag prefix is configured , the tags will be filtered and only those which match the prefix will be displayed:



If the locate tag id is configured, a Geiger counter display plus audible beeps will guide the user to the specified tag:


  • Development Notes:

-Note that the web application files for this demo configuration are located in the folder /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser

-This folder can be accessed directly using ADB on SD660 based devices . On newer Zebra devices such as the TC22/27 , access via ADB is blocked so you will need to use an alternative method such as this one: Pushing Files to the Enterprise folder on Zebra Android 11 Devices | Developer Portal

-The demo Config.xml file will be found in the folder /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser/backup . After modifying this file , copy it back to the /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser folder

-The files ebapi-modules.js and elements.js should also be located in the /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser folder

-Tag pre-filter support was added in Enterprise Browser onwards

-The reference for the EB RFID API is located on TechDocs here: https://techdocs.zebra.com/enterprise-browser/latest/api/re2x/rfid/

-Note that only Methods marked with an Android icon are available on Android (some methods are only supported on Windows Mobile e.g. killTag)

-Any Enterprise Browser sample apps referencing an ActiveX object are only valid for Windows platforms


Ian Hatton

Zebra EMEA December 23



Ian Hatton

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