Zebra Data Services
Discover your best next move with Zebra Data Services
Zebra Data Services™ accelerates your ability to transform edge data and events into actionable insight with easy to consume APIs that streamline development, simplify data access and drive interoperability.
The Developer Portal is experiencing some point outages due to the recent upgrade. Currently the payment system is down. Please contact savannasupport@zebra.com to get credits during the outage.
We have updated and fixed several bugs including Forum Comments and App editing now being visible.  Thank You for your patience.
Getting Started
Step 1
Chose the Package that's right for your needs. No need to pay anything now. Most packages are free or have a free trial period.
Step 2
Create an App and get a key to start using the APIs.
Step 3
Start working with the APIs using our interactive documentation here on the Developer Portal.

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