Electronic Temperature Sensors
Clod-Chain Logistics

The ZS300 Electronic Sensors enable near real-time visibility to accurate temperature and location data across the supply chain. The Electronic Temperature Sensor APIs, Android Sensor Discovery Service and Excursion Alerts enable the creation of workflows that supports maintaining product stability, effectiveness, and quality.

Sensors can be easily registered, configured, associated with assets, and placed “On Task”. Once on their way, Sensors can be detected by the ZB200 Bridge or by an Android devices running the Sensor Discovery Service. Timely and accurate Alerts let you know when a Sensor has encountered a temperature excursion as it travels throughout the supply chain. Data logs can be retrieved at any point along the Sensors journey.


A Zebra Data Services application key is required for using and testing this API. As part of the Early Access Program, you will be issued a key that you can find on the Apps Page.

Electronic Temperature Sensors

The Data APIs are used to perform the following actions:  Retrieve a Tasks full data log

Used to generate a service token for the Zebra Android app ZSFinder.

The Management APIs are used to perform the following actions: Enroll a Sensor, Create a Task, Add Sensors to a Task, Stop Task

Setup webhook subscriptions to get alerted for temperature out-of-range events