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Using Shortcuts in EHS to Launch Enterprise Browser 3.x

Ian Hatton - April 25, 2023


This is a demonstration of a method of creating multiple Enterprise Browser (EB) shortcuts (on Android 11, Android 13 and later OS versions) in order to access different webpages/applications from the Zebra Enterprise Home Screen (EHS) launcher. Note that this method uses unofficial / unsupported utilities i.e. use at your own risk.

Required Steps

  1. The administrator creates up to 5 different EB config files (named config1.xml to config5.xml) and places these files in the root of the sdcard
  2. The selected config file will be copied from this location (/sdcard) to the EB 3.3 persistent folder (/enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser) using a utility named 'eblauncher'. The purpose of eblauncher is firstly to call another utility: 'adb-filetransfer-wrapper' to copy the required config*.xml file to Config.xml in the EB persistent folder via Mx FileMgr and then to launch EB with the new configuration.
  3. The administrator therefore edits the enterprisehomescreen.xml file to add a new eblauncher shortcut for each required EB config file e.g
<application label="FeatureDemo" package="com.zebra.ih.eblauncher" activity="com.zebra.ih.eblauncher.config1"/>

<application label="Bluetooth" package="com.zebra.ih.eblauncher" activity="com.zebra.ih.eblauncher.config2"/>

<application label="NFC" package="com.zebra.ih.eblauncher" activity="com.zebra.ih.eblauncher.config3"/>

Note that the application label is the name displayed on the EHS home page and the activity specifies the config file number which will be associated with this name e.g. config1 = /sdcard/config1.xml

When the user selects one of the above shortcuts from the EHS launcher, the corresponding config*.xml is copied to become the EB default Config.xml and EB is launched with the new configuration


  1. Preconfigure an internet connection on the demo device and run StageNow to install EHS 5.0 using the internet-hosted StageNow barcode below

    1. Access StageNow from the EHS Tools menu and scan the barcode below to install Enterprise Browser 3.4 and the associated demo files and shortcuts for EHS
    2. The EHS launcher should now look as follows – there are five default EB configurations which can be launched and which demonstrate different apps:

      1. Featuredemo: the standard EB feature demo showing the basic API’s available for scanner, wifi , signature capture etc
      2. Bluetooth: a simple webpage for connecting to a Zebra printer via MAC address and printing a sample ZPL label
      3. NFC: simple webpage demonstrating the basic NFC API’s for reading a NFC tag
      4. Text2Speech: a text to speech demo using the EB speech output API’s
      5. Camera: a demonstration of accessing the device cameras via EB API's

      Note that each demo must be exited via the on-screen 'X' icon in order to ensure that EB is not running in the background when another demo is selected. This is required because EB only processes the Config.xml file on initial launch i.e. if it changes when EB is running, it will not be processed until EB is stopped and launched again.

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      Creating a new configuration:

      1. Download the new configuration sample files from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zNQbPSX5grq8AAJuig6VrwrJC7QSmhAb/view?usp=sharing

      2. Unzip the files , preserving the folder structure and follow the steps detailed in the instructions ( out of box demo instructions.pdf ) to install a sample which can be modified as required.


Ian Hatton

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4 Replies

N Nathaniel Dixon

What is the process for this to work with Android 10?

I Ian Hatton

In theory this should also work with A10 but if it does not, you can try using the original EB shortcut utility which is documented here: The Shortcut Utility - Zebra Technologies TechDocs

N Nathaniel Dixon

I will go over it again from the beginning and see what happens.  The shortcut utility does create the shortcuts on the Android desktop, but not within EHS.  It must work, since I have had both shortcuts visible in EHS, needed to uninstall EHS for a reason and have not been able to duplicate the success.

I Ian Hatton

I just tried it on a device with Android 10 (10-16-00 U138) and it worked OK for me - would be a good idea to try a factory reset and then reinstall via the supplied StageNow barcodes.