The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated change and eCommerce businesses fast forwarded more like seven years in that short time, much like a time machine found in some of your favorite movies. Technology developments anticipated their launches and deployments, demand trends increased as never before, and digitalization of new players added more competitors to this space.  Zebra was ready to support not only our front workers in the retail industry, logistics, and healthcare, but also to support home business owners that every day are creating and developing new online businesses and taking advantage of multiple e-commerce platforms as eBay, Etsy, Shopify, etc., with our new ZSB Series printer.

Launching this past May 2021, Zebra developed the first generation of a Cloud thermal printer for e-commerce market to satisfy our line of consumer customers

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In aligning with consumer demanding users, the new printer is very easy to use. Let’s review all new end-user benefits on the table below:



Cartridge Based Supplies

  • “Un-jammable” cartridges eliminate paper jams.

  • Speedy loading/media changes – drop and go

  • Recyclable. 

Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Provide support for easy printer setup.


  • Secure connectivity, print from anywhere.

  • “On The Go” printing supported via phone hotspot

Workspace Sharing

  • Easy for users to collaborate.

3rd Party Software Integration

  • Simplified printing from commonly used apps.

Cloud Connectivity

  • Fast, Secure printing – from anywhere in the world.

  • Enables printer & template sharing.

  • Monitor printer and label cartridge status remotely.

Mobile App for iOS and Android

  • Allows the user to setup their printer & print labels from iOS/Android devices.

Wizard-based Template Printing

  • Create, share pre-made and user designed label. designs on a Windows or Mac.

Energy Star Certified

  • Reduce energy usage, operation costs.

The architecture (Wi-Fi/Cloud printer) has been well received by end-users. Zebra created a whole new user experience along with a set of tools. This is providing   new opportunities for Z-developers to explore inexhaustible new use cases in multiple e-commerce ecosystems with one thing in common, the labels printing needed for multiple purposes, include digitalization of assets that allowing optimization of daily operations as home business owners.

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ZSB series printer uses label cartridges to solve the “jammable” roll media headache, so for developers trying to implement this new printer in their workflows, we made the “implementation” easier for them focusing on how 3rd party apps are working in the market, and then we adapted to those conditions so developers can continue creating a more valuable and better user experience with their applications. We strived to keep the printing complexity out of equation. However, there is one thing that the developer should consider with ZSB series printer, and it is what type of cartridges  to support with its application. Please see graphic below for details.

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In fact, for mobile printing we have developed a new feature to Print PDF, so third-party apps can implement this feature on their workflows without changing any comma to their codes and/or thinking about ZPL programing. During our research we found that more than 95% of the mobile apps, leading the segment in shipment management or e-commerce are printing their labels already converted in PDF.

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With the above milestone achieved in our journey to offer the best-in-class thermal printer experience for e-commerce’s end-users, we are focusing on the next step for developers. We will be planning to add new tools for developers to help automate small-business printing tasks. The expectation is to help ZSB users to increase their productivity through integration with third-party apps. In summary, we can expect three main use cases.

        • Users with multiple ZSB ISV accounts (Shopify, ebay, Etsy) with integrated shipment services in their accounts (FedEx, UPS, USPS) that generate orders to process autonomously and with need to increase speed of shipments.

        • Users of ZSB printers sharing workspace in different locations (home, office, small-warehouse, small-retail-store) to manage remote orders of shipping labels or inventory labels triggered automatically to print by 3rd party app.

        • Users managing 2+ ZSB printers in different locations with minimum labor force resources and with variable fulfillment volumes of daily orders optimized by automated workflows.