Industry News - Week of Nov. 15, 2021

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IN THIS ISSUE: 64-Bit Visual Studio 2022 Released; ChromeDev 2021 Recap; Chrome Confab Boiled Down; Chrome to Record User Flows; Android 12 Attacks Phantom Processes; A Fun Analysis of Favicons; 


Xamarin in VS22

Visual Studio 2022 Finally 64-bit

With .NET Conf 2021 as a backdrop, Microsoft released .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022. The first-ever 64-bit version of Visual Studio, Redmond claims, gives it a whole new set of superpowers. .NET 6 reportedly supports ARM64 and delivers performance improvements. 


ICYMI: Google Recaps ChromeDev Summit 2021

In case you missed it, here's a round-up of announcements made at Google's annual Chrome confab, which includes advances in interoperability, web app classes, data privacy and much more. Read all about it or just watch the five-minute video.  


the new responsive

ChromeDev 2021 Evolution, not Revolution

Despite the cliche, tech editor Richard McManus has an insightful take on last week's Chrome confab, playing down the hype and boiling its revelations down to the bare facts. Worth a read.  


Coming in Chrome: Recording User Flows

A feature currently being built by the Chrome development community will allow website makers to record, play back and audit user flows as a means of perfecting, for example, the e-commerce checkout process on a site. 


Android 12 Attacks Phantom Processes

In its continuing war on battery- and performance-sapping system activities, the Android development community has toughened its policies in Android 12 with regard to forked child processes or those using "excessive" CPU cycles when more than 32 are found. 


Just for Fun: An Analysis of Favicons

What do 100,000 websites have in common? For one thing, they've been scanned by a crew called Adam, Nathan and Patrick, who extracted and compiled their favicons into a massive database numbering 425,909 and counting. The image above shows about 20,000.



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