Kontrolar Inventario from Kontrolar Soluciones S.A.S Is A Zebra Validated App

Stacey Kruczek -

Company/Partner: Kontrolar Soluciones S.A.S.

Validated Solution: Kontrolar Inventario 

Validated on: ZD420, ZD500, ZD500R, ZD620, ZT230

Description: Our Kontrolar Inventory solution guarantees the effective synchronization of the flow of materials, the flow of information, resources, operations, actors within an environment of high variability and volatility in the area of distribution, marketing and commercial as well as in demand. Applies to all kinds of industry, where we make use of the best of the SCM (Supply Chain Management) philosophies. Taking advantage of the available technologies of identification, control and traceability. WMS (Warehouse Management Systems).


Stacey Kruczek

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