Industry News - Week of Mar. 12, 2018

Edward Correia -

Why RFID is great for retailers; Amazon to acquire Ring; New Intel chip fixes vulnerabilities; When Android P is Coming; $9 IoT Platform


RFID Boosts Sales, Reduces Overstock, Study Finds

A recent study published by a U.K university shows that RFID technologies can help retailers significantly increase profits and improve inventory accuracy. Register to download the free report.


Engaged with Home Security Devices, Amazon Buys Ring

Months after popping the question to video doorbell maker Blink​​, Amazon has acquired Ring, which includes similar devices in its broad array of home security solutions.


Intel Processor Fixes Vulnerabilities, Isn't Free​​

Intel is first to market with a processor that solves the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, which became known to AMD, ARM and Intel last year but was kept from the public until last January. Here's Digital Trends' smarmy take on the news.

Swype Soft Keyboard Will Be No More

As of Mar. 1, Nuance Communications stopped supporting its Swype soft keyboard for iOS devices, part of a strategy to focus on business-to-business efforts, according to a statement.

Phillips Uses Lighting for Precise Indoor Positioning

Android P Timeline is Out; Set for Release in 3Q

Building on Preview 1​ released this month, an Android P is likely to appear in May to coincide with Google I/O 2018.

Virus FAIL: Windows Phone Malware found in Android Apps    

Scores of Android apps were found in the Google Play store with a harmless version of Ramnit, according to enterprise security solutions provider Zscaler​. No harm, no foul.

Particle Unveils Trio of IoT Hardware Dev Kits Starting at $9

Particle last month also announced Particle Mesh, an IoT network that uses open protocols to inter-connect IoT devices.


Edward Correia

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