How Working with the Zebra Developer Community Benefits Your Business

Stacey Kruczek -

Boomset first contacted the Zebra Developer Team in 2015 to request technical assistance relating to software development and integration onto Zebra’s QLn Series Mobile Printers.  And it's an established a long-term, rewarding business relationship with Zebra Technologies.

Benefits of being a Zebra ISV partner

As a Zebra ISV partner, Boomset has worked with the Zebra Developer Team on 14 separate successful projects relating to:

  • Software development
  • Testing
  • And integration…

…on numerous different Zebra printers including the ZXP Series RFID printers, the QLn Series and the HC100 Wristband printers.

Kerem Baran, Co-Founder and CEO, Boomset, summarises: “We have a fantastic relationship with the Zebra Developer Team, specifically with our account manager and Senior Software Engineer, Manuel Caicedo-Rivera. Manuel is helpful, professional, and his great knowledge and proactive approach, in both technical and marketing fields, ensures we can continue to accelerate and streamline our development.”

Moreover, Boomset has two Zebra-validated printer applications promoted on the Zebra Application Finder; the two applications – Boomset’s Guest List App and its Lead Retrieval App – enable instant check-in or fast registration, guest list management, multi-session event administration, pre-printing or on-site printing of badges, attendee tracking and lead retrieval.

Benefits of the Early Adopter Program

Boomset also benefits from its inclusion in the Zebra Early Adopter Program, where Zebra selects a small number of strategic partners to receive units of major new products six months pre-launch. During this period, Zebra provides technical support and development tools to validate Boomset’s applications on these printers, so Boomset can be the first to launch its applications on the latest printers.

Kerem Baran explains why the collaboration between Zebra and Boomset is so successful:

“We have always worked with Zebra Technologies; Zebra is always ahead of the game with its software development platforms and tools and vast array of printers; these offer our business the flexibility we need. We work so well with Zebra as we are constantly innovating and bringing new solutions to market; so is Zebra.”

The Boomset–Zebra solution is now being used at thousands of events across the US every year.

To find out more, please visit the success story or our pages relating to our PartnerConnect Partner Program and the Zebra Developer Community.  Interested in learning more about becoming a partner? Contact us.


Stacey Kruczek

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2 Replies

R Reema Sharma

i am confused i am using zebra mobile printer zebra zq320 but it printing hole zpl code not design plz help me for that

V Vedsatx Saddvv

Hi Reema, Please next time search and post this as a question in the forums.&nbsp; <a href></a>
This is a common issue that comes up in the forums.&nbsp; You need to switch the printer to ZPL mode. Send the following:
! U1 setvar "device.languages" "zpl"
Followed by a carriage return.&nbsp; Make sure the quotes are straight quotes as you see here.
That should fix the problem.
Robin West