Authorization Service
Enable Employee and Partner Access

The Zebra Authorization Service provides other services with a single, unified abstraction layer for authorization processes. This service uses resources including Users, Tenants, Groups, Domains, Rules, and Roles.

This service is designed for well informed users only. Please do not use without working with a Zebra support team to better understand this service.


Users are individual logins to the Zebra Savanna platform.
Groups are used to organize access based on common patterns.
Tenants are composed of groups of users or services.
Domain is a reusable set of targets (specific resources in the system).
Role is a reusable set of permissions pertaining to actions performed on a resource types. For example: reading a device or consuming a topic. 
Rules are the base units of access definition. They define permissions (access rights) and targets (what the permission grants access to) and users/groups that have that access


A Zebra application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide for instructions on obtaining a key.

Authorization Service in Action

The primary use is for granting specific users or groups in your tenancy access to Zebra Data Services components.

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