FDA Recall

FDA Recall

FDA Recall

Give workers guidance that protects the public

instantly check barcoded food items or pharmaceuticals against the FDA recall database and make critical real-time decisions that protect the public health-and their organization's reputation.

By matching the UPC or product description with applicable recall statuses in the FDA database,this API puts this powerful capability in your frontline workers' hands.

Getting Started

A Zebra Savanna application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide.

Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
  • Throughput: Based on pricing plan selected. Basic = 1 call every 2 seconds.
  • Uptime: 99%
  • Response Time: Average is < 200ms.

No device is required to consume this API.

FDA Recall in Action
Here are just a few examples of the difference the FDA Recall can make
  • A warehouse refuses to accept recalled products at receiving and ultimately avoids shipping them out
  • Before filling a prescription, a pharmacist scans the barcode on a bottle of pills to identify any active recalls
  • Prior to a surgery, a nurse scans every item in the surgical team's material kit to ensure that none are on the recall list
  • A grocery store associate scans lettuce bins at the receiving dock to check for active recalls and meet the county health department's new traceability requirements

FDA Recall



Get Device Recall Information by Description


Returns medical device recall notices for a given description


Get Drug Recall Information by Description


Returns drug recall notices for a given description


Get Drug Recall Information by UPC


Returns FDA drug recall notices for a UPC code


Get Food Recall Information by UPC


Returns food recall notices for a given UPC code